Thermoplastic Coating

Thermoplastic Powder Coating - Plascoat

Plascoat PPA 571 is a thermoplastic powder to create a coating specifically designed to form a durable coating on the outer surfaces of products made from mild steel, galvanized steel and aluminum.

Plascoat PPA 571 ES is resistant to cracking under stress, adverse weather conditions, cleaning products, salt fog and typical airborne contaminants. The coating has excellent adhesion to the metal substrate and does not require the application of a primer.

Based on its testing, Plascoat can predict that PPA 571 coatings will continue to protect metal from corrosion for at least:

- 35 years in the open air in Northern Europe;
- 25 years in the open air in Southern Europe;
- 15 years in the open air in tropical regions.

Plascoat Plascoat PPA 571 thermoplastic powder coatings surpass all traditional powder coatings in relation to:

- Initially thick coating layer (170 microns);
- Flexibility (up to 800%), does not crack when the product is deformed;
- Anticorrosion protection;
- Aesthetic appearance;
- Resistance to salt and abrasion sand;
- Resistance to harmful effects of UV rays and fading;
- Resistance to many chemicals;
- Impact strength;
- Resistance to graffiti;
- Preservation of qualities at a subzero temperature;
- Hermetically envelops the part (there is no penetration of moisture and air to the metal).